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About Us

Kord, President/Owner

Andrew Kordonowy "Kord" - The son of a rancher, he was born and raised in Belfield, ND. He attended DSU where he pursued a BS in Math and a BS in Computer Science. In 2004, he joined the US Army, serving in Operation Iraqi Freedom and Operation Enduring Freedom during his five years of service. Since 2014, he has been the President of Cerberus Security, LLC.  Now, Kord has fused the best of his experience and education to create CERBERUS and help the place he calls home! He has a great team of experts and delivers service to a multitude of happy clients who call him when they want the job done right. He has always put safety and security at the top of his list. He thrives by helping his clients feel safe no matter what time it is, where they're at, or who they are, this is what drives him to keep going. 

Adam, Vice President

Adam is a 'Know-it-all,' and that's OK with us! Adam has a wide range of experience from building cabinets to intricate software programming. He specializes in Remote Access Installation, but if you asked him about something else, he'll probably know all about it. ;)

His wife also runs her own business (Can we say, POWER COUPLE?) called Turkey Butt Threads

Justin, Security Tech

Still hasn't turned in his bio so I am just making things up at this point.  Likes collecting sand that is a little courser then it should be, thinks squirrels don't trust him, and doesn't like writing things about himself.

Corey, Security Tech

Corey is another that doesn't turn in his bio.  He likes Korean folk songs about Sasquatch, thinks cheese cake is cake not pie, and procrastinates writing about himself.

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